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Two cats need a home! (London thread)
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:26:31 am »
Dear all,

My friends Anya and Jon are moving out of London after some life changes and are unable to take their cats with them (moving to a smaller, gardenless flat).  They are currently trying to rehome them.

Here’s what Anya wrote about them:

“Our cats Samuel (black) and Spartacus (b/w) will need a new home from October 25th. They are really lovely cats and it's heartbreaking to part with them, but we can't keep them with our new plans (too long a story for this email), so we must find them a good home! They are two males (not related, as far as we know), both just over 2 years old (as far as we know!). They haven't been ill since we've had them, have extraordinary personalities, and although they still scrap a bit (well they would, wouldn't they) they seem to be good friends these days, so we don't want to split them. If they have to part from us we'd like them to at least stay together to keep some continuity. 

Please put out the word.

(By the way - we're not really irresponsible cat owners, as it might seem! We took on S&S from the local RSPCA run cat sanctuary in August last year, knowing we couldn't be certain we'd give them a lifelong home, but expecting to have them longer than this... They were the longest residents in their cages, and all the local cat homes were full at the time (including Battersea). So we figured we were able to give them a good home for a while, if not forever, and it was better to take them to free up their cages. Even with the cats homes full, people sell and deliberately breed kittens, because everyone wants kittens; full grown cats meet unfortunate ends all the time as a result. Please consider taking a full grown cat that needs a home, if you want a cat!)   

Here's hoping for Sam and Sparts, thanks for reading!”

(pictures to follow – can’t upload from work due to internet restrictions)

Please PM me if you want to ask Anya any more questions or get in touch with her directly.