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Re: Vegan recipes.
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Delia has a great recipe for veggie shepherd's pie which should be easy to adapt to veganism.
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Re: Vegan recipes.
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When all the recipes bother me and I want to try some restaurant food, I visit an Internet page and choose where to go. Actually, sometimes I just look at the pics and cook something by myself  ;D.

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Re: Vegan recipes.
« Reply #28 on: January 18, 2019, 12:18:40 pm »
I've posted about this elsewhere but I didn't realise there was a specific vegan recipes thread until just now...

I recently made Rahul's Gugni Chaat Tartlets, as shown in Vegan Week on this year's series of Bake Off - although I admit I used normal dairy yoghurt instead of vegan. They are truly awesome. The sharpness of the plum chutney works brilliantly with the chaat filling, and the crumbly spicy pastry is a perfect textural contrast. The raita that goes with them is lovely too.