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Rufus and the story of the new wheels
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:16:46 pm »
Rufus  is  a  tandem  trike, who is  taking part  in Paris-Brest. After  some  deliberation as to whether  it  would  be  worth-while I have built  up a new, lighter wheel-set reducing  the total wheel weight by  500g,  100g  front, 200+200 rear where  Mavic  A719's with 13/14 G SB spokes have  been replaced with Exal XR3's with  14/16 DB. The  Front 48 spoke FIR  has  been replaced with a 36 ZX19 with 13/14 SB spokes. (both on SON28 classic  hubs) This  wheel despite  it's  high  spoke  count  was flexing when cornering  and  rubbing brakes and  mudguard. The  new  one is much  better. Part  of  this I put  down to using 3x rather  than 4x lacing. A 50 mile  hilly  test  ride, crew 73 KG  - (Me) and  75 Kg  stoker (Hugh)showed the speed and acceleration benefit. With my  regular  60 Kg  stoker  (HK) I  have  no worries about reliability.
The  big  cost  was  the rear  hubs, £150, pity  I had  to  polish  them myself..
Trike  complete now weighs  in at 36.3 Kg - and it is a lightly built one.


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Re: Rufus and the story of the new wheels
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Cool upgrade. Nice for Rufus  to be sporting some bling at the Paris fashion show. :)
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Re: Rufus and the story of the new wheels
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Rufus must be one of the few machines that makes our tandem seem light!