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Basecamp 4.5 available
« on: August 10, 2015, 01:12:46 pm »
here is that latest update from the Garmin forum site       :

BaseCamp is 4.5.0 now available and can be downloaded here:

 Installation of this version will overwrite your previous BaseCamp installation.

•Added user preference to configure mouse hover tool tips
•Added selection of map product and search to the Create Route dialog
•Added menu item to launch the Create Route dialog
•Added hotkey (Ctrl) to draw direct route segments while routing
•Added postal code searches for supported map products
•Added ability to add and edit certain data directly on PND devices (data that has not yet been read by the device)
•Added ability to manage waypoints on the fenix 3, including delete (requires firmware version 4.21 or greater).
•Added icons for VIRB action camera and wearable devices
•Made it easier to see and access BirdsEye help
•Improved first time speed of quick search and address search
•Improved street matching in address search
•Improved handling for Google Earth's discontinued support
•Updated Garmin Express instructions
•Fixed routes sent to nuvis and zumos not displaying Junction View
•Fixed reading track time from VIRB X action cameras
•Fixed issue where route information was not showing in map tool tips
•Fixed issue where memory cards would not display for some devices
•Fixed issues with Garmin Custom Maps
•Fixed issues exporting KML files
•Fixed crash exporting trips
•Fixed crashes opening trips
•Fixed crash when disconnecting Base Station devices
•Fixed crash after opening GPX files with far future timestamps
•Improved error handling with some devices
•Fixed various bugs
•Added support for new TDB flags from cartography (no files are in the field yet)
•Includes brute force street name searching

Re: Basecamp 4.5 available
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Broken link above  :(

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Try this:

I haven't used it much yet, but 4.5 does appear to be a bit better than some of the previous versions, I found many after v4.25 had a lot of bugs .

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After more use I've uninstalled it and gone back to 4.2.5, my main use for the program is the way it easily lets you convert a track to a route and play about with the positioning of route points. The new version along with all others after 4.2.5 no longer supports that feature.

Epic fail!