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Pretty well every year since I was a kid (HOW long ago??) I've been blackberrying, originally with family on picnic trips.

Yesterday we went out to the Chilterns, where we usually go for walks, and managed to gather over 1kg. Now mostly frozen in small packs to use with apples from the garden to make crumbles through the winter.

It must satisfy my natural hunter-gatherer instincts, very satisfying even though it would be cheaper to buy some, especially after enjoying a pub lunch afterwards.   ;D


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Re: Blackberries
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I freeze them by placing them in a single layer on a baking tray.  Once well frozen I transfer them to the large bag in the bottom of the freezer.  It takes a while as I can only freeze a few at a time, but eventually the large bag has several pounds of free flow frozen berries that don't stick together.
Every year I make a blackberry and apple pie at Christmas.
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