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My teenaged dahon jetstream p8 was reburbed and upgraded to “p16”... and it works very well off road (muddy forest path, green lanes, gravel/stoned road) or in urban environment jumping curbs and going down a few steps. I put a custom 455 h900 hinge pin.

but it s heavy, 14kg.

So as i also have a helios 20” with 7 gears 11-28 and spare bits, i’m going to convert it into a speed pro TT or verges x30h /x18

to run these, I will fit road shifter/brake levers and litepro V brake pulleys.

the unknown is the handle bar, road drop down with the curved handle or TT bullhorn handle / speed pro TT.
so which one? What are the pros and cons?
I would grateful for any feedback especially regarding speed pro TT some of you ride.

I will be lightening the bike as much as possible.

tyres: i ‘m not sure whether refitting a set of marathon big apple or move to kojak (or similar).

this helios is going to be road orientated bike for longer rides, no curb jumping etc.

so please, advise me.


Triumph TR1 in the garage?

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Frogeye 1960...

I actually started with a dahon curve d3 because it fitted on the passenger seat on my previous 2 seater.
The jetstream used to fit until I fitted a fia roll cage.

I haven’t tried the jetstream in or on the frogeye yet.

In Praise Of Dahon
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I was looking at the tern website, like dahon, they have letter such as
D, P, S, X follows by the number of gears.

What do these letters stand for?

Extra premium.
Not sure about S.

My helios D7 and previous curve D3 have nothing deluxe about them, the components are basic bits you get with budget bikes...
The P ares definitely something else.

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And 1 dahon rebuilt

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Have a Dahon Mu XL Sport with 8 speed reduced hub gears. Lowest gearing about 24". OH has Dahon Mu 8 sped derailleur job. Both have toured southern Spain on 3 week trips with no probs. The most memorable thing on the trips(discounting the back country)was how we overcame transportation problems when we chose not to cycle. The bikes went in mini buses,buses and trains without any undue issues. The most impressive tale is when we arrived at a station to catch the Spanish TGV type-of-bullet train. When going to the desk to book the train tickets the booking clerk looked at the bikes and shook his head. It was no go. I signaled they folded. He wanted them folded. They were folded. But he wanted them in a bag. I had x2 plastic bags. He then wanted to see if we could lift them onto his counter. I put them on his high counter. We got the tickets.

Travelling with a full framed bike is too stressful. In Porto the guard said we were not coming onto his train,not with two panniered bikes. I said I was. We got on the train and stayed. I don't need that stress.

I like the look and style of Bromptons. I like their chic advertising. All things considered I could only use one if I lived in Melbourne,Aus. I would only have one if I also had the ex-factory hipster type $2 million dollar inner city home job. I would also have to be retired.

In Praise Of Dahon
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Well, the jetstream was converted into a chouchou train

Could you do that with a Brompton, I was asked whether it would fit a brommy or not? I would be concern it would put too much load on the stem and frame (hence i did not fit it on the helios)