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Interestingly we were specifically told to use white rice by the vet (have seen aguments for both brown and white on the Internet though) I guess it doesn't really matter when it's only for two or three days the main thing being to provide a bland diet that's gentle on their tummy.

We changed her food from Eukanuba to Simpsons 80/20 grain free puppy food after the gastroenteritis as well. Her stomach has been much happier since and her stools constantly firm (except when she manages to scump apples). Mrs pcolbeck says the extra £15 a month for Simpsons is worth it just for the lack of doggy breath and farts.
I'm not obsessive about the grain free thing, I don't bother if her treats have grain in but she the bulk of her food now doesn't and she seems much better for it.
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that.