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oops just seen this:  " just placed a new order with Plusnet."

We were with Virgin, but moved to TalkTalk.  I think it's their Talk2 plan, but anyway we get '8'Mb BB (40GB/mth download limit  - have never exceeded this), plus telephone (can keep old number) including line rental, with free evening and w/e calls for around £16.50 (+ any calls that aren't free) per month.

We've not had any probs since signing up last Dec.  TT have had some negative press in the past, so I was watching them like a hawk for the trial period.  At one point, a few months ago, the modem started having to be rebooted at the beginning of each session.  I mentioned this on their help forum, and received a new one in the post - has been fine since.

We're about 1-2 mls from the exchange and most of the time seem to get ~ 4.5-5.5Mb BB speeds.  iplayer streams very well.

So I can say that they've been pretty good IME.  They do(or did) have an 18mth contract though.


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