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Re: If time travel was invented what gig would you travel back in time to see
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I'd travel back to a high school ball where Marty McFly played a Chuck Berry song for the first time, but sabotage the phone lines so that Chuck heard "Devil Woman" by Cliff Richard rather than "Johnny B Good".  Thereby creating both a time paradox and also destroying rock/pop music forever. 

I went to see Back To The Future in a cinema in Norfolk.  Halfway through I thought "Oh my God, he's going to shag his mum".  Luckily the usherette caught him groping her and threw them both out.
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Prompted by the news that Richie Blackmore is going to play a one-off rock gig at the NEC on 25th June 2016 - the one gig that I always wanted to see (but was too young/ignorant/unware to know when it acutally happened) was Rainbow in their prime with Ronnie James Dio vocals, Richie Blackmore guitar, Cozy Powell drums.  With only one of the three still alive it probably won't be the same but..

...if you had the chance to go back in time to witness a musical performance what would it be?

3 days to go.  For the last ever Richie Blackmore Rock gig. 
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^This.  ;D

I'd quite like to be at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées on 29th May 1913, but not in the stalls. A box, I think.  ;) And I'd like to be in the room when Stravinsky played a piano version to Diaghilev & Pierre Monteux the previous year.
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Sir Malcom Sargent's very last appearance at the Proms.  He remarked to the audience that he didn't know what all the fuss was about, since "after all, I was just over the road", referring to the hospital where he died of cancer shortly after.

I wouldn't mind going back for the People's Messiah, either, even though I sing like a bucket of frogs.
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