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Re: Have you been out today?
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First ride in 9 weeks or more with my broken clavicle.  We are probably moving house for my wife's work so this was a chance to test a commuter route to the new house and back.
basically raining for the whole time.  Found the good bike rear tyre would not pump up so out came the fixed. Most of the route is on NCN 54 and 549 which is disused railway.  A lot of standing water and 3 sets of gates but reasonable surface.  I may have to invest in some slightly bigger tyres as the winter progresses.

I stopped for breakfast on the way back at "The Shed" in Hilton, Slowish service and the sausages were stodgy and tepid.  Latte was good though.

43.5km in 2hour 7 mins  not bad after the layoff.  Great to be back out again and the clavicle does not hurt at all


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Re: Have you been out today?
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Meanwhile, I haz done 101 km and had "cleans a big, big carpet" going round in my head since I got home. What's an order of mag when there's a jingle at stake?  Rather killing ride: it turned out that a road I had thought existed didn't and I had to divert via a succession of short sharp hills that left me gasping, which admittedly isn't hard these days.  Barely made it to my favourite patisserie before it closed, but they love me there and had no problems about feeding me twirly pastry things full of confectioner's custard and probably too much coffee. Half an hour's repose left me fully recovered only 75% dead so I was able to crawl home in fairly good order, despite the best efforts of some twat in a Peugeot to wipe me off the road while she was considerately overtaking a buggy & pair without slowing down or looking for oncoming cyclists. Bloke driving the buggy had a good laugh, stopped when I asked if he'd got her number - "no, why?"  There are some arseholes on God's green Earth.

Wildlife encountered: one pheasant (not common here, disdained by hunters - who needs 'em when you can bag boar all year round?), one buzzard not taking off from its post until I was up close. They always look as if they're wearing long underwear and want to cover it up quickly. Millions of bloody little flies with a fixation for gaping, gasping mouths.

That's about it. Now full of tea and recovery food (crystallized ginger, salami, chocolate), legs solidifying nicely.
I've dusted all those old bottles and set them up straight.