Author Topic: Is have a BG of 3.4 for over two hours bad?  (Read 500 times)


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Is have a BG of 3.4 for over two hours bad?
« on: September 25, 2014, 11:48:12 pm »
Been feeling sick and spaced out all afternoon, not like I get with a usual hypo, so thought it was a drug withdrawl.  Having checked my BG levels and have been hovering around 3.4 for the past two hours, testing every half hour.  Have eaten a few carby things and sweets but bg are not altering in the two hour period.  Er what to do?  Have no more test strips and still feeling sick?

Bit confused...

Additional hour or so after first post - Ok feeling better if I lie down and stay recumbant.  Have found an unopened box of test strips that are out of date so no idea how good they are but doing two test strip tests seem to give a similar answer.  Seems odd as the bg normalise to around 5 but if i do anything sucha as get up and change rooms to go for a pee once again I get the feeling of low bg and testing confirms the the BG is droping below 5.  Not going to take my second dose of metformin...

Another additional at 02,30 things are getting back to normal, can think straight ish and after a cheese baguette seems to be settling.  Now I wonder what triggered it.  Was it the lasck of other drugs?